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Interested in establishing a scholarship?

All Dollars for Scholars scholarships adhere to the following process: 

·  Students apply through the Dollars for Scholars online profile/application

·  The Dollars for Scholars selection committee chooses winners based on your preferred criteria

·  Scholarship Funds are donated to the Foundation

·  Foundation disburses scholarship money in the fall, directly to the student's college financial aid office


[*If you'd prefer to offer your own application, pay students directly, or something other than the above process, please contact us!  We may have another option for you outside of Dollars for Scholars!]


Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Opportunities

There are two kinds of Dollars for Scholars Scholarships: Pass Through and Endowed


1.)  Pass Through: A pass through scholarship is one in which the donor pays the scholarship amount every year to our Dollars for Scholars chapter.  The minimum scholarship we offer is $500.  A pass through scholarship will go on as long as the donor is willing or able to pay the amount of the scholarship.  


2.)  Endowed:  An endowed scholarship is one in which we use the earnings on money invested to pay the scholarship.  An endowed scholarship is perpetual and will go on forever, or at least as long as our chapter is organized.  To be able to award a $500 endowed scholarship, we require a $10,000 donation.  All endowed funds are professionally managed by a professional advisor.

*Contributions may be made over a 5 year period on any endowed scholarship pledge of $2,500 or more.  


For either type of scholarship mentioned above, you may choose to leave undesignated or designate specific criteria such as a specific major, GPA threshold, etc.


Winner Selection

All scholarship applicants apply online using an application process through Scholarship America.  Students are scored in a number of different areas including work experience, extracurricular participation, community involvement, grades and essay questions.  Scores are generated using a widely accepted rubric, then thoroughly reviewed by trained members of our chapter's selection committee.  Winners are then determined by that selection committee. 

Contact Rachael Buyck with additional questions!  |  507-644-8023

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