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Our Educational Endowment Fund was developed as a means to provide financial support to fund classroom enhancements & student learning opportunities beyond the normal operating budget. 

How money is used: 

Funds are made available annually through a grant application process to school district staff. Requests must meet the intent of the Educational Endowment Program with priority given to funds requests that meet the following criteria: 

  • Enhances the learning experience of a number of students.

  • Provides funding for items which are not eligible as a direct district appropriation

  • Has a positive educational impact for students over an extended period of time

All applications are reviewed by the site level administrator, the school Superintendent and finally by the Endowment Committee of the Redwood Area Education Foundation.  

Educational endowment gifts have included various technology equipment, special education equipment, science equipment, classroom aids, musical instruments, extra curricular equipment and many other items.

All donations to the Endowment Fund are invested, with earnings used to fund the grant requests. Funds are invested according to the Redwood Area Education Foundation’s investment policy, unless otherwise agreed upon.  The RAEF’s investment portfolio is professionally managed by an advisor.  E


Support this Program

The Redwood Area Education Foundation will accept a gift of any size into the Educational Endowment program.  Undesignated gifts are preferred, however, the donor may designate how the proceeds of the gift shall be used.  

Gifts of any amount may be added to an already existing endowment fund. Please contact Rachael Buyck for more information regarding our current endowment fund categories.

To establish a perpetual endowed fund, a donation of $10,000 or more must be received.  Donations may be pledged over 5 years.  Undesignated gifts are preferred, as they allow the greatest flexibility of use.  However, we honor and respect your choice to establish a designated fund and select the area of interest to utilize the funding. Benefactors receive tax deductions for the initial contribution to the fund and when any additional contributions are made. The Redwood Area Education Foundation reserves the right to use up to 3% of investments for administrative fees.

For more information on the Educational Endowment program, contact Rachael Buyck, Executive Director at (507) 644-8023.

(Staff Grant Program)

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