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Helping with student needs through Cardinals Care!

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Ever looking for a way to help students in need? Look no further than our Cardinals Care program!


Cardinals Care was established in 2021 as a resource to help with student needs, as observed by school staff.

We often find that needs are found to be of no fault of the student. And while this program is confidential, I can tell you, some of the most heart-warming stories have evolved through this program.


- Helping to purchase a new pair of tennis shoes for an elementary student (needed for daily Phy. Ed. class) because half way through the year his shoes no longer fit & holes were appearing.

- Helping to purchase a new pair of snowpants so that a student could participate in recess with their classmates during the winter.

- Being able to fund a "Winter Gear Drive" during school conferences in November so that families could have what they needed to prepare for the winter.

- Helping a student purchase a new set of gloves because he was riding his bike to school on a daily basis in sub-zero temperatures, with no coverage.

- Being able to assist with a "business attire" outfit for a high school student to go out in the community to interview through our careers courses.

- Being able to assist students with sport specific shoes/gear so they could have proper items needed for their chosen sport (cleats, kneepads, etc).

- Funding a hygiene cabinet filled with deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, soap and many other personal hygiene resources.

- Helping to fund the purchase an alarm clock for a student who struggled to get to school on time, which lead to being able to alleviate many absences.

- Helping fund a band fee so that a new student could participate in band.

....& so many more...

School staff have the opportunity to request support to help fulfill these needs. Your generous donations to this fund give us the opportunity to help provide financial support for those requests. Donate today!

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