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Throughout the years, the Redwood Area Education Foundation has played a significant part in various special project initiatives.  


-When the decision was made to bring back the Agriculture Program, the RAEF supported the program by raising funds for the teacher salary and benefits for two years to aid in it's reestablishment.

-The RAEF Funded 3 Wegner Acoustic Practice Rooms for the Music Department at a cost of over $100,000.

- Most recently, the RAEF was an integral part of the expansion to the Redwood Valley High School's vocational training center, now known as the Estebo Career Development & Training Center.  With a gift of $1.2 million dollars to the Foundation from Orrin Estebo, along with other funding, the training center was established.  Donations continue to be provided through the RAEF to help support the programming now offered at the center including: plant science/grow lab, agriculture, horticulture, animal health & vet sciences, manufacturing, welding, carpentry, landscape design, sports medicine & other medical careers courses, drones, computer drawing courses and more!   



-Various President's Projects.  Each year, the President of the RAEF board works to identify a need within the district to help raise money to fulfill that specific need.  

2023-2024 PROJECT

This year, the '23-'24 President's Project initiative is an ECFE Nature Based Playground where we are currently seeking financial support to establish an outdoor, nature based learning environment for the youngest learners (ages 0-5) within the early childhood programming of the district.  While prefabricated structures are great, the current playground area is better suited for older, elementary students due to it's very tall slides, climbing features, netting and other structures difficult for younger children's abilities.  Our goal is to create a beautiful, welcoming space where our youngest learners can create, imagine, learn and be in touch with nature, all while having fun!  The benefits of outdoor learning are significant.  Nature based learning enhances imaginative play, increases physical & mental well-being, promotes environmental stewardship, encourages invention and creation, exercises both gross motor skills & cognitive abilities and expands learning opportunities.  We hope to include various areas within our playground such as a cascading water feature, mud kitchen, construction/building play space, outdoor building block area, sensory walking paths, outdoor music & art stations, slides, natural climbing features and more!  


Donate today to this special project initiative to help us reach our goal to provide this wonderful opportunity for our ECFE program!

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